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Wix Website Desiger

Are you a creative person with a flair for design and a background in designing Wix websites and graphic design?

We are looking for highly motivated experienced Wix website designers to join our team. 

EARN FROM $200-$1,000+ AUD per project

Wix Designer Jobs

Wix Website Designer Job Application

JOB TYPE: Wix Website Designer (Contractor)



Design the layout and page style of our client's websites according to modern design aesthetic practices.

You will be provided with a brief of the overall project requirements and your job will be to use your creativity and flair to design and build high quality, professional Wix websites using the Wix CMS platform.

You should be able to use all the tools, animation functions and design elements available to you to be able to create modern and sophisticated business websites including e-commerce using Wix.


In order to be successful, we are looking for people with a background in the following disciplines:

  • You have worked on the Wix website platform

  • You have graphic design experience working with tools such as Photoshop, AdobeXD and Canva

  • You have either worked with or are currently working with an agency as a UI/UX designer

  • You can demonstrate and understand modern website design aesthetic principles and are able to implement them into your work

  • You can take a simple requirements brief in text format and understand and improvise the vision for what the client is looking to achieve with their project


As a contractor, working with us will allow you to earn as little or as much as you can handle.

Each project provided to you will be given a quote, brief outline of the project requirements including a timeline to complete the work.

You will be given the option to accept the job based on the terms provided and you will be paid 50% of the job upon the first draft of the project and the remaining 50% upon approval and sign-off from the client.

You can expect to earn anywhere from $200 - $1,000+ AUD per project


This will be based on the amount of work and the type of Wix project we offer to you.


The amount you earn per week will solely be dependant upon how fast you can deliver. 


If you are interested in this role, please submit the form below and our team will review your application and let you know if you are successful.

Please provide as much information as possible to get into the shortlist of candidates



Upload your CV/Design Portfolio

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Select any of the following online profiles that you have:

All done! Our team will be in touch soon.

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