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The Colonial British Indian Cuisine Website & SEO Project

Website Design - - Web & Digital Marketing Experts - Pond Splash Pty Lt


Restaurant / Multi-Location


Website Design / SEO / Social Media


Wix Stores / Google / App

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About The Client

There’s something vibrant and colourful in the world of Indian food, with many distinctions existing based on regions they are derived from. Experience Sydney’s most popular UK styled Indian Restaurant, The Colonial British-Indian Cuisine.

The Colonial British Indian restaurant celebrates a new casual dining experience in two convenient locations across Sydney.

Immerse your taste-buds with flavours of long-forgotten cuisines inspired by undivided India’s north-west frontier province and the British colonial rule.

A period that gave rise to British Indian gastronomy; best defined as a rustic and robust fusion of eastern spices into western cuisine.

A Little Taste of British Indian

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