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Sonya Love Creative Wix Website Design Project

Website Design - - Web & Digital Marketing Experts - Pond Splash Pty Lt


Artist / Gifting


Website UX & Promotions


Wix eCommerce

pondsplash - background grey cut.jpg

About The Client

Based in Sydney I have always had a love for art whether it be inspired or inspiring. In an ever changing world where technology drives us further and further away from the art of writing, creating and receiving something bespoke - the idea of a beautifully curated letter writing kit and gifting accessories was born.

A letter is forever. I have been writing letters since I can remember and wrote to a pen pal for many years. The joy it brings to re-read those letters is like no other. And unlike a photo, writing letters captures in words details of a moment in time that ignites all sorts of memories and emotions. They are keep sakes for generations to discover of a time gone by. Gifting ideas has also been a passion of mine and I am always looking for creative ways to pack that perfect present or seal a letter or card. My shared love for creating magical moments is all here. So what are you waiting for? Join me and others on the journey of keeping the art of letter writing and creativity alive for many more generations to come and who knows you may find a part of yourself along the way! That’s the beauty of art, it sometimes speak to you. Love Sonya xoxo

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