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About The Client


Physical Therapy, Physio Therapy and Remedial Massage Clinic in Brookvale, Northern Beaches NSW

Our principals Kate and Stuart are specialist physical therapists. They are both university educated with health science backgrounds and have each worked in healthcare for more than 25 years.

They have both trained and worked overseas as well as in Australia, Stuart in the UK and Kate in the UK and Switzerland, significantly increasing their depth of knowledge and skill level.

Kate and Stuart bring an evidence-based clinical approach to providing their services utilising their extensive clinical research experience. They continue their involvement in clinical research, collaborating in international studies to demonstrate the benefits of physical therapy.

Stuart and Kate care about their patients, and the outcomes of the treatments they provide. They deliver by explaining and educating their patients about their injury or condition, and then by integrating their physical science knowledge appropriately with a caring hands-on approach.

Brookvale Physical Therapy Clinic

Remedial Science offers a range of physical therapy treatments for all types of conditions in Brookvale, NSW, Australia servicing the Northern Beaches area.

Physical therapy for back pain

Sports physical therapy

Rehabilitation therapist

Injury rehabilitation therapists

Hip or knee pain physical therapist

Tension headaches physical therapy clinic

Mobility physical clinic

Injury recovery physical therapist

Physical therapy maintenance care

Chronic pain physical therapy treatments

Posture correction therapy

View all conditions treated at our physio therapy and remedial massage clinic in Brookvale

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