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Discipline Fitness Wix Website Design & SEO Project

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About The Client

Thomas Farrell, Your Fitness Coach

Thomas will build workouts around your goals and needs based on you as an individual with a personal approach from afar.

Access your custom workouts for the gym, at home or on the road right from your mobile device anywhere, anytime.

Thomas provides a professional service specialising in Personal Training, Group Training, Online Fitness Coaching, Nutrition Coaching and Mindset Coaching. Inspiring, educating and transforming you to become the best version of yourself.

Our lives are busier and more inactive than ever before.

We compete with a myriad of responsibilities: careers, kids, family, households, friends, and social activity (not to mention the quiet moments we now cram with smartphone activity).

We are simply forced to prioritise our lives and sometimes our health and fitness is too far down the list for sustainable physical development.

Choosing wants and needs requires too much commitment, cost, time, and heartache. Plus having to overcome the personal guilt of taking time out for ourselves, when there is always something else we could, or should be doing.

Thomas' services are not just an outside-of-the-box fitness solution but a professional that combines dynamic exercises, boxing for fitness, fundamental functional movement, and military-inspired training techniques. All specifically designed with your needs in mind.

Removing the barriers of inflexible scheduling, complicated training programs and “bro-science”, Thomas offers people of all fitness levels the most efficient, effective and personalised way to challenge themselves, enhance their health, and become better each day.

Thomas’ holistic fitness programs will improve all your aspects of fitness, rather than one, such as sticking with either endurance or resistance training.

Not only will you achieve your physical goals, but also break down the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from your true potential!

Thomas will provide the most effective, innovative, and holistic way and take your body, mind, and life to a new level.

Thomas' aim of coaching is to improve your fitness, techniques, and knowledge to such a degree that you can use your body effectively, and to challenge the way you train, to inspire and empower you.

If you're paying less for a Fitness Coach you're getting less of a Fitness Coach! There are less expensive Fitness Coaches than Thomas. There are also second-place medals.

Discipline Fitness Coach - Teaching you how to discipline your fitness priorities first.

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