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About The Client

ArkTOON Architects - the European predecessor of Dúzs and Partners Architects - was established in 1998 by Sándor Dúzs, and Zsófia Schändl in Budapest, Hungary.

After over 15 successful years in practice in partnership with Schön Architects, and after several completed middle to-large scale, award winning projects, they fell in love with Australia and moved first to Victoria, then to New South Wales to establish their new home. (Thanks to a hospital competition bid in Queensland, where Sándor was invited as part of the design team, as senior architect.)

Sándor, after working on prime, large scale, high profile projects at DesignInc Sydney as an Associate, and then working as a Design Director at MSK Architects, decided to continue the heritage of ArkTOON Architects, and established Dúzs And Parners Architects in 2022 with his associate Paul Desney. They both share the same vision about the traditional values of architecture and built environment, and they follow the same principles of design. They are both passionate about visual arts, music and literature, and they handle architecture as an art, embodied in materials, shaped by engineering. They have extensive knowledge and understanding about all disciplines of architecture, interior design, and building engineering covering ecology and sustainability, structures, acoustics, and building services. In their individual professional portfolio they have several widely published designs and completed projects.

our approach

Dúzs+Partners approaches every tasks holistically. Our thinking is out of the box and creative, personal, yet analytical, and budget-aware. After carefully listening to the brief we gather all available information and create their concept, always focusing on the best possible architectural result first. After a series of careful cost analysis the necessary modifications (if any) can be implemented. We all know that good architecture requires consistent design, from large, master plan scale down to the smallest detail. Architecture is always about balance and compromises - there is only one area, where you cannot make compromise, and it is the consistency. Imagine a tune with a couple of notes off-set...

​"I call architecture frozen music."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

​The success of the above summarized approach to design has been proven by not only Sándor's portfolio of a number of award winning buildings overseas, but also through his award winning, highly regarded projects in Australia at DesignInc Sydney, and through his ongoing education, boarding house, and residential projects at MSK Architects.

All projects by Dúzs+Partners are prepared by keeping the Client and their long term needs in the focus.

We all believe that as architects, we have very important role assisting the client with their journey building their home, office, school, or even headquarter. We are all aware that being the client-commissioned conductors of the design process we hold and connect the most amount of knowledge and information about not only the the project, but also about the universal rules of architecture, therefore our task is always more than design - our task is also to advise and to educate. We believe that the result of the above client - architect relationship is always spectacular, despite of its size, use, or cost. (Some of our most beloved projects are our smallest projects in our portfolio.)

The above mentioned statement about knowledge and information can be valid and justified only through continuous, never ending learning. We learn from every possible sources - not only from the professional organizations arranged CPD presentations, not only from seminars, but also from even a plumber or a bricklayer holding most of their knowledge in their fields.

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