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Create Cook Share Recipe Blog Website Design & SEO Project

Website Design - - Web & Digital Marketing Experts - Pond Splash Pty Lt


Recipe Blog / Gluten Free Cooking


UX / Web Design / SEO


Wix / Google Search

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About The Client

Hello and Yiasou!

I’m Margaret and welcome to Create Cook Share, where you’ll find all my home cooked, Gluten-Free recipes.

My love for cooking began from a very young age and I always felt the soul of a home was in the kitchen but my journey in cooking gluten free food began back in 2008 when my daughter was diagnosed with coeliac disease.

It was a very difficult time as we didn’t know much about this disease and there was limited gluten free options in supermarkets and restaurants. I had to learn how to cook the food we loved to eat but without gluten.

Ever since that day, my focus has been on creating and cooking simple yet flavourful and delicious food that would nourish my two beautiful children.

Learn more about Create Cook Share here.

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