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Children's Books by Julia Seaborn Website Project

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About The Client

Julia Seaborn

Julia was born in Austria of Ukrainian background. She had a post-war education in semi-rural south-east England where she, together with her brother, had a happy childhood.

Julia has been a bit of a wanderer travelling to many countries but now lives in Adelaide, South Australia, where she has been settled for over 20 years.

Julia likes to think she thrives on change. The number of jobs she's had is much like the number of countries she's visited – about 35 in all. These jobs have ranged from teacher’s aide, hand pollinating corn in fields, TV ads, working in a funeral parlour, plus an assortment of secretarial and administrative positions.

Julia adores her miniature poodle, Pippin. Together they compete in dog sports and she walks him once and sometimes twice a day.

Her goal is to write a series of children’s books and, to have an optimistic view on life that “the glass is half full, not half empty”.

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