Pay Per Click Advertising

Qualified lead generation, super-charged.

Achieving top-placements with Google AdWords is easy. Creating the bigger picture of your AdWords advertising needs expert help and assistance. We offer Google AdWords management, Sydney and we’ve got the know-how when it comes to Google AdWords advertising and campaign set up.

Smart Marketing. Believe in Better.

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Take Clicks & Customers

Steal clicks from your competitors and convert them into customers.

You need to know the secrets to search engine marketing (SEM) if you want to convert your competitors clicks and take what’s rightfully yours, a flow of new customers. Don’t let silly mistakes cost you valuable customers, access the talent pool at Pond Splash and make the impossible, possible in just a few clicks.

What does my target audience need to understand about my business during the covid-19 pandemic?

There are many SEO companies promising to deliver page one rankings for your business on Google organic search results and other search engines and online web pages. It may sound amazing, but since the COVID-19 pandemic, online search words, terms and phrases for some industries have experienced an exponential decline in demand.

Pond Splash delivers expert SEO and SEM services for all types of businesses. We help you generate quality, consistent and qualified traffic to your website through highly sophisticated keyword targeting and SEO content writing.

Engage with a Top SEO Company in Australia

It’s time to outsmart your competition. Engaging with Pond Splash SEO services ensures you outrun and outlast your competitors, even when times are tough. Our search engine marketing experts will strategically drive your SEO through tried and tested practices and methodologies that really work for business. Our aim is to generate long-term results for your business and securing short-terms wins when you need it most.


Our clients have seen an increase of over 48% in organic search traffic. They've saved money on paid search marketing.


Our affiliate partners have a network of over 2.5 million members. Leverage the power of non-competitor members.


Our clients are 100% satisfied with our SEO service and the results we provide through digital and print media.

Targeted Traffic

Drive ROI with qualified customers

Drive your ROI by building a strategy that is unique and focused on your business. Re-imagine how content marketing, with all the right keywords and placements will engage new customers and convert them directly on your website. We build a the right strategy, the first time round and ensure all checks are in place to deliver the best possible outcome through our established methodology and practices in the ever evolving world of SEO and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing).

What is SEO Marketing?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation and it is exactly just that. SEO is the methodology applied to optimise and improve the ranking of your website and how it appears in results pages of popular search engines such as Google and Bing.

Why Does My Business Need Search Engine Optimisation?
Billions of online searches – every single day of the year. When you need to achieve page 1 google ranking, you need to hire a top SEO agency in Australia with expert SEO marketing services. Pond Splash creates campaigns that increase your visibility on search engines and in turn, increasing traffic and conversions on your website. 

How does SEO Work?
SEO is complicated and ever evolving with new metrics and guidelines being defined by search engines such Google to help make the users experience better. You really need an expert to keep your business ranking on page 1 Google search results. When we create the right search campaigns, define the right target keywords for your business and build the right SEO content – how it works, simply put, is; more people will find your business online, click on the organic search listing and visit your website to engage with your business and brand.

We make sure you out-perform your competitors digitally.

We think, act and engage in strategic methodologies and best SEO practices to ensure you achieve real results, quickly and consistently. We use in-house and systematic data to research, analyse, review and adjust your SEO to maximise your organic reach through top SEO ranking page results.

We provide Top SEO Services for Australian business.

Pond Splash looks at your digital footprint holistically and delves deep to gain a thorough understanding of where you’re currently positioned against your key competitors and search engine page listings. We’ll ask you a series of questions so we can build the right strategy for your business.

Achieve top SEO agency results right in your backyard.

Because we are a local SEO company based in Sydney, you get the benefit of having arms-reach access to expert SEO knowledge and know-how. We offer a tailored and personalised service to every single client that works with us. We e give your business our full and undivided attention.

It's not you, it's SEO.




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